Valley View

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt shows an ocean view. (see below) I'll match that with a valley view of the winding Deerfield River in Massachusetts. Here we have an antique postcard that was found in my grandmother's old desk. She had a number of postcards purchased from a number of places that she never sent.
Whitcomb Summit, Mohawk Trail, postcard, antique, elks, deerfield river, valley
Postcard: Doug Peabody collection

Both shots are taken from Whitcomb summit of the Mohawk Trail. In a previous post I described a hairpin turn on the Mohawk Trail. Whitcomb summit used to have a massive wooden tower from which one could view the beautiful Deerfield River valley below. There was once a little gift shop there and perhaps this very card was purchased in that shop. You can also see the statue of a bronze elk in both shots. The elk statue was placed there by the Benevolent Order of Elks of Massachusetts. It's now protected by a little iron fence.
Whitcomb Summit, Mohawk Trail, postcard, antique, elks, deerfield river, valley
Photo: Doug Peabody

The old tower was scraped a few years ago when it was deemed unsafe due to the deterioration of the wooden structure. The lower photo was shot within the footprint of the old tower. As you can see the view is not as tremendous as the view from the tower in the postcard shot. It's still quite a nice view nonetheless. Oh in case you were wondering, this view is located in the town of Florida, Massachusetts, known for some of the lowest winter temperatures in the state!

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