Thoroughfare to Eternity

The Sepia Saturday prompt shows the annual blossoming of cherry trees in Washington DC. A long procession of blossoms is how the deceased sees their last trip to the hereafter at this cemetery.

Etta's message to her sister Hattie has two oddities. First her message is about train departures from Newburyport to a West K. (West Kennebunk, Maine) Yet her sister lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Perhaps they have relatives in West K?

The rail line in Newburyport is Boston & Maine's eastern branch to Maine and West K. was a stop on that line. The rail line is Haverhill is Boston & Maine's western branch to Maine and West K. could have been reached with a transfer as the two lines cris-crossed. Today the eastern branch is non existent north of Newburyport. The western branch still exists and is used by Amtrak's scenic Downeaster rail service.

That  other oddity? In 1914 Etta used a postcard of a scenic drive in a cemetery. It's a beautiful card undoubtedly, or is there a subtle message to her sister.

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