Blogger Comes To the Rescue of Cute Animals

In one of my earlier posts I wrote of a blogger who "tells cute animals what's what." The name of this blog is rather risque'. F*** You, Penguin (you get the picture) is an hilarious blog and has been featured around the internet. This blogger doesn't mince words about cute animals and how they effect our delicate human emotions. How dare they do that!

Well another blogger has developed the antithesis of F*** You, Penguin. It's called F*** Me? No F*** you, F*** you, Penguin. Their motto is "A BLOG WHERE CUTE ANIMALS TELL YOU WHAT'S WHAT." It's just as hilarious as F*** You, Penguin. It's written in the same style as F*** You, Penguin. In fact I suspect the authors is the same. Click here and enjoy!
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